The Synexus HealthyMinds Registry Team


Professor Clive Ballard

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, University of Exeter Medical School

Clive specialises in the psychiatry of older adults. Across his career his research has ranged from prevention of dementia, exploring biological mechanisms and drug discovery through to understanding the needs of people with more severe dementia living in care homes and the overuse and harms of anti-psychotic medication in these individuals. He developed the PROTECT study to drive forward research into prevention and risk reduction. Clive has published over 200 research papers including multiple clinical trials, and has played a major role in changing dementia care policy in the UK and further afield.


Dr. Dawie Wessels

Chief Medical Officer of Synexus

Dr. Dawie Wessels previously worked with Parexel International, a multinational life science company. Prior to joining Synexus, his achievements at Parexel consisted of establishing a transparent operational governance process as well as utilising scientific expertise to serve clients. Dr. Wessels is also widely known for his new published medical strategy. Dr. Dawie Wessel’s vast level of experience and expertise has been the key drive in the development of Synexus’s global presence, ever since he has joined the organisation in 2016 as Chief Medical Officer.


Dr Anne Corbett

Senior Lecturer in Dementia Research, University of Exeter Medical School

Anne is the academic lead for the PROTECT study at the University of Exeter. Her research focuses on cognitive health in ageing and how dementia might be prevented in older adults. She has a wide portfolio of dementia research ranging from online studies into risk reduction, drug discovery, clinical trials and care home research. She has published over 80 research papers and has authored leading clinical guidance on dementia care.